Amruta Bindu Blood Donation Camp by Jharsuguda Samiti
With paying gratitude to Bhagawan in the month of Aradhana DMahosthaba as like every year “ AMRUTA BINDU” a voluntary blood donation camp during summer season was organized by Jharsuguda Sai samiti at Sai Mandir premises with help of Blood Bank Jharsuguda on 21-04-2019 Sunday.
No of Units of Blood Collected:- 39nos No of active workers & youths participated: 25nos Permission for organizing blood donation camp has taken from CDMO before some days. Preparation like circulation of message through announcement in bhajan sessions, through mobile whatsapp, displaying banners and hooding in public places are done. Beds and sitting arrangements were made priory. On the day after reaching of Govt. Blood Bank staffs at the venue the program started with Om karam, Sai Gayatri and lightening Divine lamp by guest District Sub Collector and Blood Bank Doctor. Registration done for the donors who came for donating liquid love. Necessary testing done by the medical staffs. Then donation of blood started. Youth brothers and sisters were present near to help them. Sitting arrangement done for blood donors where they take rest for some time. Glucose water, fruits and sweets are served to donors. Certificate of blood donation, Bhagawans photo & Vibuthi provided
Donors came to donate are felt blessed as they are giving blood in front of Bhagawan as doing service for others
Every deed performed, do it in My Name. Every person who passes near your path give them the sweetness of your smile. Give freely of the nectar of your cup of happiness, of kindness, of Blissfulness. Give the warmth of your love. Extend your hand as I extend Mine to you. –Sri Sathya Sai Baba