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"One cannot visualize Truth or God until he achives harmony in thought, word and deed."
Observation of Guru Purnima at SSSVJ School by Naguan and Agarpada Samithi of Bhadrak-1
Bant, Naguan, Bhadrak1
July 09, 2017
By the grace of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Guru Purnima was observed by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Naguan and Agarpada at Harishchandra Ashram Vidyalaya, Salakania, Bant, Bhadrak taken under the project Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Jyothi on 09.07.2017.
Posted By: Naguan,  Bhadrak1
Blood Donation “The Amrit Bindu Programme"
Sai Nilayam, Joda, Joda, Keonjhar1
July 09, 2017
“Amrit Bindu Praogramme” The blood donation camp was held at Sai Nilayam, Joda Samithi in aim to full fill the target of blood collection of Keonjhar-1 district.
Posted By: Joda,  Keonjhar1
sunabeda, Sunabeda 2, Koraput
July 09, 2017
Posted By: Sunabeda 2,  Koraput
Veda Purusha Parikrama
Keonjhar, Keonjhar, Keonjhar1
July 04, 2017
The Veda Purusha Parikrama Programme has been Started off in Keonjhar Samithi of Keonjhar-1 district in aim to create awareness among devotees and Public for attending at prasahnthi International Veda Conference on 20th& 21st November 2017.
Posted By: Keonjhar,  Keonjhar1
Disaster seva at Paintrishsahi village of Balikhand Samithi, Bhadrak-1
Paintrishsahi, Balikhand, Bhadrak1
July 04, 2017
Carrying the message of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Love All, Serve All the brothers of Balikhand Samithi carried out Sanitation Seva in the fire affected houses of Paintrishsahi village under Balikhand Samithi on 4th July 2017.
Posted By: Balikhand,  Bhadrak1
Blood Donation camp at Mahudama village
Mahudama, Jaleswar, Balasore2
July 03, 2017
Blood Donation camp at mahudama village,Jaleswar
Posted By: Jaleswar,  Balasore2
AMRUTA BINDU Blood Donation Camp by Jharsuguda Samiti
Jharsuguda, Jharsuguda, Jharsuguda
July 02, 2017
With grace of Bhagawan devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Seva samiti Jharsuguda organizes “ AMRUTA BINDU” a voluntary blood donation camp at Sai mandir premises with help of Blood Bank Jharsuguda on 02-07-2017 Sunday
Posted By: Jharsuguda,  Jharsuguda
Blood Donation Camp and Saione Registration Camp At Agarpada Samithi Of Bhadrak-1
Agarpada, Agarpada, Bhadrak1
July 02, 2017
By the grace of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba a Blood Donation camp under the banner ‘Prema Sanjeevani’ was organized at Agarpada Samithi on 02.07.2017.
Posted By: Agarpada,  Bhadrak1
Blood Donation Camp Under The Banner Amruta Bindu At Kenduapada Bhajan Mandali, Naguan Of Bhadrak-1
Kenduapada, Naguan, Bhadrak1
June 26, 2017
By the grace of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba a Blood Donation camp under the banner ‘Amruta Bindu’ was organized at Kenduapada Bhajan Mandali under Naguan Samithi on 26.06.2017.
Posted By: Naguan,  Bhadrak1
Gunupur, Rayagada
June 26, 2017
It was decided in the last State conference held at Khorda that every district should start an excellent Balvikas Centre to be exhibited as an ideal centre for the remaining centres in the district. Keeping this in view invoking the blessings of our beloved Bhagavan, Gunupur Samithi of our Rayagada District has started a Smart / Ideal Balvikas Class Room on the guidelines issued by our State Organisation.This room was inauguratd on 26th June 2017 by our Hon’ble District President Sri S.V.Ramana Murty sir.The entire walls are decorated with posters/ flex containing Balvikas slokas with imges and meaning.One Cup board containing Group wise records, registers teaching aids & gamesFirst aid box, BV Library, BV MagazineTelevision with DVD for showing of Dramas, Swmi’s Darshan episodes are now available in class room.
Posted By: Gunupur,  Rayagada
Drinking Waterat Rath Jatra By Bandhabahal Samiti
Bandhabahal, Bandhabahal, Jharsuguda
June 25, 2017
Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Seva samitii, Bandhabahal distributed drinking water in a public place near Jagannath temple on the occasion of holy Rath Jatra where a large number of peoples gathers for darshan on 25-07-17 Sunday from 04.00pm to 07.00pm.
Posted By: Bandhabahal,  Jharsuguda
Blood Donation Camp (Amruta Bindu)
PalaiSamithi, Palai, Kendrapara
June 18, 2017
By the divine blessings of bhagawan Baba a Blood Donation Camp (Amruta Bindu) Program was organised at (Sai Mandira) Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Palai date 18.06.2017. Our District President inaugurated the programme. Total 53 units of liquid love Collected during the programme.
Posted By: Palai,  Kendrapara
Sadhana Camp for Devotees by Brajrajnagar Samiti
Brajrajnagar, Brajarajnagar, Jharsuguda
June 18, 2017
With Bhagawans blessings a Sadhana camp for devotees was organized to motivate the spiritual sadhana of individual by Brajrajnagar samiti in Sai Vihar on 18-06-2017 Sunday in presence of many devotees.
Posted By: Brajarajnagar,  Jharsuguda
Pujya puja by bv students of Berhampur samithi
Berhampur, Ganjam1
June 18, 2017
Sairam with the Divine grace of Bhagawan Sri Satya sai Baba Pujya pada Puja celebration was done at Gopalpur Jaranivas ashram which is situated near Brahmapur town on 18th June 2017. The whole programe was organised by group-3,3yr Balvikas students of Samiti. After pada Puja one beautiful satsanga on "Nama Swaran is highest sadhana" was conducted by Balvikas guru Dr Nityananda Das. No of old people-35 Participated Balvikas students-26 Guru and others-15
Posted By: Berhampur,  Ganjam1
Health check up of bv students Berhampur
Digapahandi, Ganjam1
June 18, 2017
Sairam with the Divine grace of Bhagawan Sri Satya sai Baba Balvikas health checkup was done at Bidyanath Balvikas centre on 18th June 2017 morning 9 am by Dr Suroj ku sahu. Also one small session of class arranged as the part of our course Health and hygiene. No of students 21
Posted By: Digapahandi,  Ganjam1
Amruta.bindu at Udyanbandh,Nuapada
Budhikomna, Nuapada
June 18, 2017
By the divine blessings of bhagawan amrita bindu blood donation camp was organised at Sri Aarhus sai bhajan mandali,udyanbandh of buddhikomna on date 18.06.2017.Er.S.N.Nanda inaugurated the programme.Total 21 unit of liquid love Collected during the programme.
Posted By: Budhikomna,  Nuapada
District level sadhana camp at khariar,Nuapada
Khariar, Nuapada
June 17, 2017
With the divine blessings of bhagawan baba a dist level sadhana camp was organised at kosaleswar mandir,khariar on dt 17.06.17.Sri R.B.Mahapatra,state spiritual coordinator,Er.S.N.Nanda ,state resource person,Sri Bimal kar ,state resource person,Sri manoranja kar blessed the occasion and encourage the participants.More than 200 workers and members participated in the programme.
Posted By: Khariar,  Nuapada
Blood Donation- Amrit Bindu Programme at Bhogari Samithi
BhoharaiSatyasaimandir, Bhogarai, Balasore2
June 17, 2017
By the bless of Bhagawan, Bhogari Samithi of Balasore-2 District has organized a Amrita Bindu (Blood Donation) camp on 17.06.2017
Posted By: Bhogarai,  Balasore2
Summer shower for presevadal students at Bhanjanagar samithi Ganjam 2
Bellaguntha, Ganjam2
June 16, 2017
OM SRI SAI RAM SUMMER COURSE CAMP FROM DT.16 TO 17 TH JUNE, 2017 As per divine blessings of Bhagaban Baba a summer course camp was held for two days in the Lalsingh Bhajan Mandali of Bhanjanagar on behalf of the Samithi Bhanjanagar, Beluguntha and other Bhajan Mandalis of the Sai district ,Ganjam-2. There were more than 80 nos. of participants like presevadals from different places and students of the colleges. The District president Mr. Pratap Kumar Swain joined in this programme and delivered his speech basing on the importance of eternal education and mass practice of veda. The programme was actually fruitful for all the students to maintain a disciplined life.
Posted By: Bellaguntha,  Ganjam2
Balvikash Bhajan workshop at Berhampur,Ganjam1
Digapahandi, Ganjam1
June 14, 2017
With the divine blessings of Swami a balvikash bhashan training workshop was organised at Berhampur samithi.Total 149 bv students, Presevadal students and gurus participated in the prog.
Posted By: Digapahandi,  Ganjam1
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